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This century’s most profound spiritual “energy art”
is nothing but miracle

-We have obtained the last 10 sets of this silkscreen energy art which was created by a well-known psychic healer, Suginosuke. (Each set has 2 pieces.)



※ 写真の取付は参考例です

 It is said that TSURUKAME and KAGOME are directly connected to Earth energy when they are paired. Here’s the process:

- TSURUKAME neutralizes radiation and electromagnetic waves and makes them almost harmless for our bodies.

- KAGOME helps chakras to evolve.

- TSURUKAME and KAGOME act even more powerfully and create synergistic effect when they are paired.Both TSURUKAME and KAGOME are silk screens where colors were added in a 10-step process, and then each step was signed and numbered by Suginosuke who adjusted the energy.

 They are wonderful to cleanse your body, heart, and soul.

Only 100 sets were created, and with only 10 available in the world today. We have a collection 10

Please don’t be deceived by forgeries.  (Copies do not carry the same energy.)

It is extremely difficult to recreate these art pieces,

Not for sale



STORY of the Super Energy Art

An excerpt from Suginosuke’s note:

The sacred geometric figure which I started working on July 2010 is finally completed - a year later. As our chakras slowly evolved, the figure shifted over time, and I could not tell if it was the ocean or mountains at the initial stage. At the beginning, a red and blue yin-yang symbol appeared in the center which was ever-present. As the summer passed and autumn came, a hexagram shape came about, and then a kagome crest which is also called Star of David appeared outside of the yin-yang symbol. Also, seven colors of various patterns surrounded them. This year, six tomoe (comma shaped heraldic design) joined, and in May, it has reached the point where I knew no more changes would happen.

Up to this point, I “found” the figure’s lines as if it were an automatism. Over time, it has begun to gain precision through trial and error. I put colored pencils and watercolor pencils right next to me, and I tried figuring out what colors would be the best for each part, as if a blind person were to try to find the shade of colors. I steadily worked day in day out for several days at a time.

I had no idea that it was going to be geometric figure. When cherry blossoms were about to bloom this year, I knew that it was going to be some sort of arithmetic figure. I started to see that it was based on the principle of universal energy, just like the one explained in the “Flower of Life,” introduced by Drunvalo Melchizedek. Toward the end, the sacred geometric patterns finally began to appear, and as our chakras evolved toward the last stage, the patterns also reached the final stage.

Here’s what to does:

・It helps your chakras to evolve
・It modifies the distortion in you (it will improve illness)
・It strengthens your intuition
・It helps you to meditate

We also have received the following note from the creator:

Photo left – TSURUKAME

TSURUKAME’s inspiration came to me on February 3rd, 2011 (the last day of winter according to the old calendar). I modified it over and over, and it was finally completed on May 12th. During that time, as we all know, the 3-11 Tohoku earthquake happened, and the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant exploded.  At the time, we did not even think that TSURUKAME could neutralize radiation.  In April, we discovered that it actually helps deter damage to the central nervous system caused by external exposure. I asked a friend in Gunma and a friend in Himeji to become testers over several months. During that period, TSURUKAME was revised a couple of times, and it finally settled down to its completion.

The friend who is a psychic channeler received a message that TSURUKAME would:

- expedite the purging of radiation

- neutralize the radiation, hence becoming harmless

- help to cleanse the soil and land

- stop radiation if you bring it closer to your solar plexus

Secret Story of Energy Art Making

August 18, 2011 at 12:58 am

Since I began dreaming of various shapes, I was encouraged to publish it because it would help many people throughout the world. So, I am relieved that I am finally able to get it out there.

It took about ten months to make the artwork. Usually, four colors: cyan, magenta, yellow, black are used to print; however, I asked the printing company to silkscreen ten colors: red, orange, yellow, green, sky blue, blue, purple, violet, pink, black, and white – and to do this one at a time.  It took many hours, and it made the printing company “weep.” Also, due to slight color deviations, the energy of TSURUKAME was weakened or ceased to work, so I had to ask them to redo the work several times.

The person who was in charge was most troubled and puzzled because she did not have any knowledge or interest in universal energy. At the time of proofing the work, I told her, “This one is good. This one is weak. This one does not work,” and she would say, “Hmmm... it doesn’t work, huh?” It was beyond her comprehension.

After this meeting, I am not sure how she had explained it to the workman, but several iterations later, its quality improved. I was finally able to give them a thumbs up after two months of trial and error printing. I still remember her relieved face when I told her, “This is good. Please print this version.” I think it was truly a challenging task for them.

During that time, the TSURUKAME cleansed not only those of us who worked on it, but also the printing company’s staff. As the picture was printed, I checked each and every stage myself, and I cleansed them with white sage, making sure that each one was emitting universal energy. I hope that this will help you in some ways.



2010年7月に制作を始めた神聖幾何学図がついに完成-一年後。チャクラがゆっくりと進化していくと、時間の経過とともに姿が変化し、初期の海なのか山なのかわかりませんでした。初めは今までにあった赤と青の陰陽のシンボルが中央に現れました。夏が過ぎて秋が来ると六グラムの形になり、陰陽とも呼ばれるかごめの紋ができました。また、様々な模様の7色がそれらを囲みました。今年は6 つのともえ(カンマ状の紋章デザイン)が加わり、5月になるとこれ以上の変化はないとわかきました。


それが幾何学図形になるとは思いもしませんでした。今年は桜が咲きそうな頃、なんとなく算数になると思いました。それは、Drunvalo Melchizedekが紹介した「Flower of Life」で説明されているのと同じように、普遍的なエネルギーの原理に基づいていることに気付き始めました。最後に、神聖な幾何学模様がようやく現れ始め、チャクラが最終段階に向かって進化するにつれて、パターンも最終段階に達しました。

















The Result of Energy Art, TSURUKAME Neutralizing Electromagnetic Wave
February 11, 2012 at 4:57 pm

 We would like to share the scientific measurement of the cleansing power of TSURUKAME. 

With our first experiment, we wanted to find out how much it is possible to neutralize electromagnetic wave. Also, we experimented with whether or not it was possible to cleanse radiation.
There are already many advanced ways to block electromagnetic waves from electrical appliances, especially with shield materials. 
So, is it possible that the energy art created with figures and colors affect space and neutralize or reduce electromagnetic waves? The result was quite astounding.

We placed the TSURUKAME 50 cm away from a screen made with a cathode-ray tube. Originally, near ultra-low frequency and low frequencies of 30 Hz to 100 KHz, there was a 4.5 mG of electromagnetic wave. However, after placing the TSURUKAME near it, it came down to 3.0 mG. The difference was 1.5 mG, which was a 66% reduction.

The Result of the Energy Art

April 14, 2012 at 3 pm

We cleansed the radiation contaminated soil with the energy art, and got a second measurement result. We hired a group of specialists to study this record-breaking analysis of how the energy art would influence radiation, so we believe that it is valid.

We used the soil we collected from the “Forest and Park for the 21st Century” located in the Tone district of Gunma Prefecture, and we used a Nal (TI) scintillation detector.

For the first round, we used TSURUKAME and KAGOME together. We put them outside for seven straight days - day and night - and exposed the soil to the energy art.

For the second round, we used TSURUKAME alone and did the same as above for 21 days.

The result was as follows:

Round 1 – 1,312 Bq/kg decreased to 855Bq/kg, 34.8% reduction.
Round 2 – 2,1267 Bq/kg decreased to 990Bq/kg, 21% reduction.

By using TSURUKAME and KAGOME together, the reduction rate was higher. Cesium 13 takes thirty years to be reduced in half, so how did this happen? This is something that cannot be explained by modern science.

There is no previous research about such figures and radiation; and the environment, condition, times were not consistent in our experiments, so we understand that it is important to continue experimenting and collecting data. This time, we studied soil exclusively, but we wish to experiment with water and crops. We also want to experiment with human bodies, but there are financial and time restrictions.

If anyone is interested in further study, please do so















​About the developer 

Mr Suginosuke

suginosuke (Developer)

The rare ability and unique theory in the world will be unique without any other miracle

The strongest psychic healer who can purify the soul of the future and the past

Automatic clerks will use pictures and sentences to solve your troubles

Remove the residual energy of human relationships in 18 chakras.

If you want to know the state of the 18 chakras from which star you are from, we will do remote viewing

1947, 9, 4 Born in Osaka

Graduated from the Department of Industrial Arts and Design, Faculty of Design, Musashino Art University, 1970

It is a time to absorb knowledge, such as devotion to other Pleiades in the 1990s "Pleiades + talk".


I realize that I am understanding and rigidifying the mental world only by reason and idea of ​​intelligence (3rd chakra), I measure the departure from emotion and love (2nd chakra, 4th chakra).

September 4, 2007

Start full-scale activities as an energy healer.

August 10, 2011

We succeeded in discovering the energy of the universe universal as a sacred geometry figure and taking it out to a two-dimensional plane, and released the geometry healing art TURUKAME】 and 【KAGOME】.

From the healing consultant

Mr. Suginosuke has his own theory and power in rare cases The scale is astonishing, and the state is drawn in an easy-to-understand manner by an automatic clerk. I will continue healing

It will solve the current problem by it

I also have more than 15 relationships, but I am always surprised by that power

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