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Contribution From Mr Matsuura(japan)

Everyone is seeking joy in life and is trying to attain it. At the same time, people wish to avoid struggles and sadness to the greatest degree possible. However, it is almost certain that no one goes through life without experiencing some degree of hardship, albeit varying. This is especially true if the hardship is an illness that is difficult to cure, due to its consistent presence; and it can be extremely difficult for the individual as well as friends and family members. If you are struggling with such illness or injury, you must be wishing for it to be healed as soon as possible. And even more so if you are experiencing extreme pain. If the affliction does not improve at a desirable rate, you are likely to visit various clinical facilities and even try alternative medicine, folk medicine, supplements, exercises, and any other healing methods available.

Then what would you do if nothing worked? Is giving up the only course of action? If you were elderly, you might be able to coax and pacify yourself by thinking, “It is due to my age.” However, if you are still young or have dependents to feed, it is difficult to give up. We could try to seek ways to cope with illness and challenging physical symptoms; however, it would cause much daily strain if they prohibited you from doing daily tasks and hence disallowed you from going to school or work. Under such circumstance, one usually starts wondering, “Why do I have to be in this situation?” It is a difficult question to be answered.

There are people who are born with a weak constitution that forces them to be hospitalized many times. There are other people who lead a rather unhealthy lifestyle, by smoking tobacco or over-indulging in alcohol, yet still live long, strong lives. How is this seemingly unfair imbalance determined? Is it determined by fate? If so, our health constitution is decided at birth, and we cannot change or control it. And just as we can’t choose our health or physical make-up, we cannot choose the time or country in which we are born – nor the family. Why are the ill-fated dealt such unfortunate cards when it comes to their health? There are people who even wish that they were not born rather than leading such painful lives.

I believe that such questions lead one to ponder about the reason behind and meaning of why we are here. Is there really an answer to such a fundamental question? Don’t our lives have meaning, and don’t we have a reason for existence? The well-known Chinese philosopher, Laozi said, “Abandon mundaneness and align with the nature.” Even if living as such is the way to go, we barely know or understand the providence of nature or the universe.

We have been living our lives based on the values and ways of thinking we acquired from youth. As a result, there are miseries and sorrows that run rampant in the world such as wars, terrorism, crimes, discrimination, prejudice, poverty, economic gaps, environmental disruption, extinct species, bullying, suicides, illness, dementia, food crises, energy problems, and so on.  In actuality, these problems are not someone else’s but are deeply connected to each one of us. The illnesses that are difficult to cure are a result of living in such environment.

Therefore, we can see that everything is interconnected. In other words, not only are our illness and symptoms joined, but our personal matters occur in relationship to the world and the universe. Many people may not believe in this theory. For them, the world only exists within the realm of the five senses. However, in the world of interconnectedness, there are definitely more aspects that cannot be perceived through the limitation of our five senses. We medically understand only a glimpse of our bodies and minds, and therefore, we are unable to identify cures for people with illnesses all over the world.  

Then, how are we supposed to deal with these problems? This is the common theme for all humankind. The philosopher Socrates said, “Know thyself.” He viewed human knowledge to be inconsequential to that of God. He considered that more than anything, an austere philosophical reflection acknowledging that we do not know anything is crucial. Therefore, he placed his maxim, “Know thyself” as a starting point in his philosophical work. Although our civilization and science have advanced since the era in which Socrates lived, I believe that it has a valid point even today. This is confirmed for me because tragic situations are still epidemic throughout the world. They are not declining but are increasingly smoldering.

The truth is this - it is not that we experience unfortunate events because the world is unfortunate. Unfortunate events in the world are due to our unhappiness within. The cause of the unhappiness is ignorance, which creates fear and anxiety. When we run away from fear and anxiety instead of facing them, unfortunate events occur. If you truly seek happiness, you cannot expect or depend on the world to provide it. You need to find it at the depth of your spirit. By doing so, symptoms and illnesses that are difficult to cure will find relief and may even be completely healed. I have seen such cases many times.

In other words, healing illnesses requires that we face and get to know ourselves. My job is to support you in doing so by using the cosmic energy. Per the details, I will provide them in order in a subsequent article. When you partake in healing sessions of any kind, what I am about to explain will be an important key to healing.  

Contribution 2 From Mr Matsuura(japan)

 I am not a regular healer. I am not one who heals symptoms or illnesses. I focus on a person’s revelation of soul and getting to know the individuals through counseling. Part of the process is learning the person’s cosmic energy and becoming at one with it. Though it may sound mysterious, symptoms that have not been alleviated or cured in hospitals or clinics have been miraculously improved. Every symptom is a message - a sign - even a gift of revelation. I look at them this way. Symptoms exist out of necessity, so it is important to know their hidden messages and meanings. Therefore, sickness is not an enemy that one is supposed to conquer, but an ally that supports us in living our lives fully. The problem is that we lose ourselves in the midst of dealing with illness. How we live our short and limited lives is a common topic for all of us. We may choose to live our lives by disregarding an energy - life force. If so, it would go out of balance and triggers various symptoms. This eternal universe is revolving precisely without any error. Isn’t it a miracle in itself? More than we think, the more our bodies and hearts react to various factors. Mankind is born into this environment called Earth, and dwells on it. And Earth lives within the solar system, the galactic system, and the cosmos. They greatly influence our bodies and hearts through our five senses, although it is not widely known. I believe that even illness and injury are a part of our lives, which we experience out of necessity. Just like nature, each one of us who exists within the nature is precious, and nothing is in vain. Everything that happens in our lives, regardless whether it is fortunate or unfortunate, occurs for a reason. Therefore, I consider sickness and injuries are experiences that we experience for a reason. They happen because we are living our lives without knowing ourselves. “Where did I come from?” “Why am I alive?” “Who am I?” “Where am I going?” It sounds as if we are lost children; however, we do not even question them because everyone else is also lost. Therefore, things happen for us to get to know our true selves. No matter how much cosmic energy I send to people, if the receivers themselves do not change, the improved state is only temporary and will end up going back to the previous state. Therefore, dialogues with soul consciousness and learning about it are necessary. I receive and correspond with information from the subconscious mind and the cosmic consciousness. As an ambassador, I would like you to experience miracles and study them.


Mr. Kazuyuki Matsuura
(Cosmic Energy Ambassador)
Over the past thirty years, Mr. Matsuura has been yielding great results in researching and practicing chiropractic, qigong, kinesiology, and counseling. However, he has come to think that ordinary healing methods may not ultimately help people, so he has been conducting medical practices and research based on cosmic energy.
In recent years, he has established an original style, which stems from understanding the relationship between cosmic energy and the soul’s consciousness.
Since then - through his energy sessions- he has brought remarkable healing to many people who have various life issues. He is indeed an ambassador of cosmic energy and soul relationships.


The theory of remote sessions

private sessions are mainly conducted remotely.

There are various discussions done and resources available about remote healing and viewing. There are variations in principals, methods, and effectiveness.

However, once you experience you will be able to believe in its power.


We use quantum physics’ “quantum jump” and “quantum delocalization” to explain the principals of remote healing. Every piece of information is intricately connected. Considering the theory that all known matter consists of fundamental particles, if one quality or quantum is affected, then paired qualities are also affected, and the distance between them is irrelevant.

 This is called “quantum action at distance” and is proven by many physicists as a fundamental principal of quantum non locality which transcends time and space. Therefore, it is possible to send healing energy to people who are on the opposite side of the earth or to yourself in a past life. You can even heal the karma of your past lives.

 Simply put, it is the same as scientifically proven “the hundredth monkey effect.”

 In cosmology, it is said that 96% of the universe is made of matter we cannot see, and scientists are studying it. I look forward to learning about the unknown demonstrated by scientific research someday.

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